Hot Wing Sauce
29 can   Hunts Tomato Sauce
1 TBL   Minced dry garlic
1 TBL   Toasted minced onion
3 TBL   Brown Sugar
1/2 TBL   Cayenne Pepper - 60
1/2 TSP   Basil
1 TBL   Balsamic Vinegar
1 TBL   Mustard Flour
1 TSP   Kosher Salt
1 TSP   Pepper
1 TBL    Worcestershire Sauce
Mix and simmer for an hour, chill overnight. Marinate for 3-6 hours,
use as a baste.     Basting every half hour.  
For thinner sauce, boil 10 minutes instead of the simmer. 
Thicker, increase from simmer to light boil for an hour or until thick.


Spicy- increase cayenne to 1 TBL, add 1 TBL Tabasco, starting with the
base sauce and adding 1/4 tsp to start of each.  Tabasco will overpower,
so be careful and allow a few minutes before adding more.  The Chipolte
and Garlic Tabasco sauces make a milder blend, experiment to find your taste.
Hot Wings
Clean wings, split on the joint and toss the tips. 
For oil frying, dry and fry for 4-6 minutes at 375.
For Tender Grill-  Bake wings until brown, about an hour at 400 in oven.
                  Dip in sauce and put on grill until sauce get sticky,
                   should take 5 minutes or less 
For Total Grill- Dip and cook for 14 minutes, baste after 6.
For BBQ- Set to medium low, dip the wings in sauce, then bake for an hour,
                 baste every 15 minutes.
For Oven- Use a rack over a cookie sheet, dip the wings and bake for an hour at 400
                 or until browned                 
For Less grease- parboil for 45 minutes, then dip in sauce, finish off in any manner,
                 just need to set the sauce since they are fully cooked.

Internal Temp 180 degrees for all