Blueberry Ice Cream with Honey


        2 cups frozen blueberries

        2 cups heavy cream

        1/2 cup honey

        1/9 tsp sea salt


            Freeze cream for 5 minutes, shake, do not let freeze solid

fruit has to be froze at least overnight,

It is better to start with half sweetner, may need more or less depending on fruit.


mix all in a food processor for a minute, check sweetness, continue for another

minute, when it gets thick and starts to show signs of melting, you are done.


Should not take over 2 minutes total whipping time.


Eat or pack and freeze for months.


Any fruit not froze in syrup or liquid will work, should be able to be chopped with

blade, chop larger pieces, like banana or commercial strawberries before adding to

Food Processor.



Nutrition Analysis (per serving or yield unit): water=158.1 g; calories=405; protein=3.91 g;

total fat=23.42 g; saturated fat=14.44 g; monounsaturated fat=6.73 g;

polyunsaturated fat=0.97 g; cholesterol=79.2 mg; carbohydrate=50.03 g;

dietary fiber=1.86 g; total sugars=42.34 g; ash=1.12 g; calcium=122.2 mg;

phosphorus=106.6 mg; iron=0.43 mg; sodium=115 mg; potassium=225.4 mg;

magnesium=16.09 mg; zinc=0.54 mg; copper=0.07 mg; manganese=0.28 mg;

vitamin A=827.2 IU; vitamin E=1.08 mg AT; thiamin=0.07 mg; riboflavin=0.22 mg;

niacin=0.43 mg; pantothenic acid=0.45 mg; vitamin B6=0.09 mg; folate=7.69 ug DFE;

vitamin B12=0.26 ug; vitamin C=8.35 mg; selenium=1.13 ug; vitamin K=16.32 ug;

refuse=1.56%; blocks carb:prot:fat=5.4 : 0.6 : 7.8; ECC=48.2; %cal as carb:prot:fat=47:4:49;