Spice and Herbs for Health
Bay Leaf
good for salt-free spice blend, but also breaks down sugar
3 times faster than insulin (tested at the Human Research Center,
in Beltsville, Maryland). Has a skin and cancer benefit. Add to
tea or coffee drip machines. Available in ground / powder
forms, for those who do not want to fish for the leaf. Good
for sore throat.  Mix with water and apply to sprains and
bruises. Bay Leaf works for digestion, headaches, stable sugar,
and general health. It may help those with arthritis.
digestion, heartburn caused by onion or garlic.
Used to treat Celiac disease
Cider Vinegar
digestion and acid reflux
Reduce cholesterol by 17%, stable sugar levels, breaks down
tran fats, some tests show benefit in killing e-coli,  and controls  hunger. Settles acid in digestion.
Inflammation, pain, and swelling.  Aid Carpel tunnel. Common
is to steep in tea. Aids in digestion and bloating.  the Adya
Cancer Institute, Madras, in India, cumin was found to block
83 % of the chromosome damage that is done by cancer
causing chemicals.
reducing cholesterol / triglycerides by up to 17%. It has a small  but notably positive effect on blood pressure. "In places where  the consumption of garlic is high, there's a decreased risk of  stomach and colon cancer"
Aside from breaking down beef fat, it aids digestion, helps  airsickness, good for arthritis or rheumatism, and reduces  migraine pain.
Listed as digestion aid, but the best effect is French’s because
it has Turmeric and vinegar, it will work, but adding more
turmeric is better.
relax for sleep, indigestion aid, heartburn, and acid reflux.
"has been shown by research to have 42 times more antioxidant  activity than apples and 12 times more than oranges." Oregano  contains a powerful cancer-fighting compound called rosmarinic  acid as well, and its anti-inflammatory properties make it useful
in supporting joint function. Oregano is also a source of calcium,   magnesium, zinc, iron and potassium
Inhalation of peppermint vapors is great for tough colds, laryngitis
and chest complaints, such as bronchitis
Steam treatment carries essential oils directly to sinuses and lungs, and provides warm, moist air to help open nasal and bronchial passages.
To do a steam, boil a pan of water, turn off the heat, cool 1 minute,
add 3-6 drops of essential oils to the water, and use a towel to corral the steam around your head as you breathe deeply. Essential oils can also be used in many humidifiers, or as an ingredient in steamy hot bath water.
5 to 10 drops of peppermint oil to 2 quarts of water for vaporizer
the essential oils used in Vicks products are synthetic, not pure and natural
-------- for mice -----------
The reason why it is works is because mice do not like the smell and are acutely affected by the aroma.  I would recommend saturating a cotton ball and strategically placing at entry points throughout the home.  insect repellant as well, but bay leaf works better for ants.
Stevia (Sweet Leaf)
Stevia is a non-caloric herb used as a sweetener.
Clinical research suggests that stevioside, a constituent of
Stevia, might reduce postprandial glucose levels by 18%
in people with Type II diabetes.
Tumeric (Curcumin)
Yale University report that curcumin, a compound in Tumeric, corrects the defect of cystic fibrosis in mice. May help to
reduce and/or prevent ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that make it useful as
a pain reliever. Pastes made from turmeric powder are used
to treat sprains and swelling, skin disorders and insect bites.
It can also be used as a mouth rinse to treat pain caused by
dental problems. It has cholesterol-lowering effects by
increasing liver function.
˝ tsp three times a day for 8 weeks has shown 25% reduction
in acid reflux. Helps with cancerous tumors when taken daily. Helps with joint pains. It works by cleaning blood toxins, so it  takes weeks to get full benefits, but digestion aid is within an  hour.  Taking turmeric daily has been shown to eliminate up
to 80% of gall stones in just a few weeks. Turmeric has been  proven effective at destroying certain types of cancer cells.
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
conducted a study which showed that when curcumin was introduced into cell cultures containing multiple myeloma
(a type of cancer), it stopped the cancer cells from
reproducing and those that were left died. Previous research indicates that it may be effective in fighting other cancers.
And best of all, it has no known side effects, even in very
large amounts. Turmeric helps the body to use insulin more efficiently, making it great to use for both type #1 and type
#2 diabetes. May be useful in the treatment of
Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study published in
the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
** Diet Soda – Several reports are available online on the side effects of almost all diet sodas.
World Environmental Conference -  Symptoms such as fibromyalgia, spasms, shooting
pains, numbness of the legs, cramps, vertigo, seizures, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus
(ringing in the ears), joint pain, depression, anxiety attacks, slurred speech, blurred vision
and memory loss were sighted in conjunction with aspartame consumption.
Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association on sugar free and sugar sodas.
The Framingham Heart Study  has been following 6,000 participants since 1948.
The heart study participants were free of any signs of metabolic syndrome when the
study began.
Metabolic syndrome includes the following signs: high blood pressure , elevated levels
of triglycerides , low levels of heart-protecting HDL cholesterol , high fasting blood
sugar, excessive waist circumference
Diet soda and other drinks contain phosphoric acid which interferes with calcium.
People who are used to drinking soda on a regular basis are at high risk of fracture and weakening of bones.