Bread Machine


Add the following in order to the machine-

1   cup     water (80 -110 F for olive oil - gels if too cold and will change the first rise levels)
1   TBL   Vegetable Oil (Olive Oil makes heavier bread)
4   TSP   Sugar
1 1/2 TSP Salt (Kosher works better than table)
3   Cups   All purpose Flour (King Arthur Red is best, bread flour will not rise as well)
2 1/4 TSP Dry Yeast (SAF is the best, store brands and other require temp setting)

Use the dough setting, at the end the end of the cycle, 
flatten the air out and form into a loaf.
place in a very lightly oiled bread pan. 
Cover with a damp paper towel or dry kitchen towel. 
Let rise for an hour. 

Cook until internal temp is 190 
     ( Convection oven at 350 for 35 minutes roughly)
     ( Full size standard oven at 375 for 40 minutes roughly). 
The best way to tell if it is done is by digital thermometer, 
the old way is to tap the bottom and see if it sounds hollow.
Remove from pan and place on a cooling rack

For longer shelf life and slightly less height, add 1 TBL enhancer.
Dehydrated buttermilk will add extra flavor, but will also make it tougher.

Most bread machines will shake and move just after the dough starts to
form, I find it better to add a slight amount of oil over the top so it coats
the dough, makes it slide easier and also stops it from drying out.
For soft crust, lightly rub all sides with butter or oleo after cooking, place on
wire rack and cool at least an hour.  Storage in plastic bread bags.
For crustier bread, do not butter and store in paper bags after cooling.

King Arthur Recipes-

For regular pizza, use the same recipe above, but after dough cycle,
press on lightly oil coated pan, rise 10 minutes on the pan, 
use a fork to make holes in the dough (stops dough bubbles), 
then bake for 5-10 minutes at 350. 
Then add sauce and toppings. 
The first bake will seal the dough and makes sure the center is cooked. 
Cook until cheese is browned.

** Still in the testing, but adding 1 tsp of real vanilla to a gallon of sauce will
     help stop heartburn , the amount may just need a short spray
     over the sauce, details are being worked out.

For thin pizza crust- then search recipes for PJ's Thin Crust Pizza

You can roll the dough on a counter. Also make one thin using half the dough
and bake it 5 minutes at 350, then remove the dough and use the other half to make
another pizza. Cooke that one for 5 minutes. Add sauce and topping, cook
until brown, then place the first crust on top and load with sauce and toppings.
Make sure the top pizza has sauce to cover where the two crusts meet. Bake
until browned.
** For crisper crust, coat the pizza pan with white shortening.
    Also, after taking from the oven, remove from pan, and place on
    a cooling rack for a few minutes - allows for the moisture to leave
    the lower crust. 

Salami -  Provolone Bread
Use the bread recipe, after the one hour rise, roll out into a rectangle on floured board.  
Place a layer of Provolone Cheese, then a layer of Salami, top with a sprinkle of Romano cheese.  Roll into a log form with the ends tucked in. Let set for 20 minutes. 
Place on greased sheet and bake at 375 for 30-35 minutes (temp 170F)
*Ham and Swiss, bologna and american cheese, or roast beef and jack for variations
but make sure the slices are dried on paper towel first, drier the better.

For calzones, use regular dough, split into quarters or less, roll out and fill
with sauce, cheese, or anything else. For better cooking, thin the dough
at the fold and edges, most people find calzones are uncooked in the middle
of the outside edges, thin to half thickness will make it cook better.

Yeast is best refrigerated, never leave out at room temp for more than a
few minutes. I find a cup of yeast in a glass jar will last months. Freeze unused
for up to 2 years, but let it return to temp in the refrigerator for a few days
before using or warm in hands. Unopened vacuum packs are good for several
more years, up to 8.

Most of this page requires SAF yeast, most other brands require temp set
to 105-110.

Here is the yeast site-

At the bottom of the following, download the pdf - Creative Breads
this booklet has the recipes, subs, and troubleshooting tips.


Dry Yeast
Cake Yeast
(0.25 oz.)
0 - 4
(1/3 of a 2oz. cake)
4 - 8
(2/3 of a 2oz. cake)
8 - 12
(1+1/3 of a 2oz. cake)
(1+2/3 of a 2oz. cake)


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