1 CUP Butter
1 LB Brown Sugar
dash salt 
1 CUP Light Corn Syrup
15 OZ Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 TSP Vanilla
Melt butter in 3 quart sauce pan.  Add sugar and salt.
Stir thoroughly.  Stir in corn syrup, mix well.  Gradually add milk, mix well.
Cook and stir over medium heat to firm ball stage*, takes about 12-15 minutes.
Remove form heat stir in vanilla.  Pour into 9x9x2 pan.
Cool and cut into squares, wrap in wax paper.
For Chocolate -  add 2 oz square of unsweetened chocolate in the milk.


* Firm ball stage - when small amounts are dropped in water they form a ball 
            that is solid but not hard.  Use a digital thermometer or candy thermometer.

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