Ribbon Cake
Mary Birt
2 CUP Sugar
2/3 CUP Butter
3 Eggs
1 CUP Milk
3 CUP Flour
1 TSP Soda
2 TSP Cream of Tartar
1/8 TSP Salt
1 TSP Lemon Juice
Second Layer
1 TBL Molasses
1 CUP Raisins - boiled until tender and dried
1/4 LB Citron - sliced
1 TSP Cinnamon
1/2 TSP Clove
1/2 TSP Allspice
1/8 TSP Nutmeg
1 TBL Flour
Your choice of Jam or Jelly

Mix ingredients in first section except butter.

Use 1/3 cup of butter, divide in two and place in 2  round pans.

The rest of the butter is divided in two and added to 2 more round pans.

Mix second layer and pour into last two pans.

Bake 4 pans at 350F for 25-30.

While warm, alternate types of layers with jelly/jam between.

Serve cold.

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