Lamb Roast
For store packed lamb, open and rinse.
Leave in web or string for cooking.

Marinade for at least an hour or over night,
Marinade can be made from honey, olive oil, garlic, onion,
teriyaki sauce, or soy sauce - any combination can be blended. 
No salt, enough moisture will leave as it cooks, so salt will make it dry.
(fresh lamb - add rosemary to reduce the wild taste)

Lamb tends to have a high moisture content, so best
to roast on a rack with plenty of space under or check
often to see that it is not hitting the liquid. Do not remove
the fat layers, aside from taste, the fat will give an easy
to remove layer should the lamb get a burnt look, common
with sugar based marinades, but with lamb the fat burns
quicker than beef.

Preheat oven to 400F, 
place the roaster in the middle of the oven and cook 15 minutes.
Insert temp probe, reduce heat to 300 and cook for about
10 minutes per pound, the temperature should be 125F-135F
on the probe. 
Do not overcook, lamb goes very tuff above 145F. 
When cooked, remove from oven, wait ten minutes before slicing. 

Lamb is more forgiving than most, 
a little bit of pink is fine but if roast be too red, 
return the slices to a cookie sheet and bake another 15 minutes.

For most people, it is better skip making gravy, 
a soy or teriyaki sauce with rice is better

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