Panko Steak
1/4 inch cut of steak, tender is better, but any will work
3 TBL BBQ Sauce of choice
1 CUP Panko
1/2 CUP Flour
2 egg whites
Oil to coat frying pan
salt and pepper to taste
Salt and pepper steak, then dip in BBQ sauce.
Beat the egg whites and pour onto shallow plate.
On another plate, pour on flour
On another plate, pour on Panko
Place steaks into egg whites, then flour, and finish in Panko, pat to coat.
Heat to medium a fry pan with oil, when hot, add steaks.
Cook until temp range of choice, a few minutes per side for most steaks.

Panko will brown and depending on steak cut, fat may run off.

Not the prettiest dish, but tastes great.


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