Potato Salad 
Place eggs in a steamer for 13-15 minutes,
knife blade will be clean when inserted and checked.

Set into cool water, then ice cold for 2 minutes
tap with the back of a knife in a circle around the largest part,
twist and remove shell. 
Peel egg whites off yolk and cut up, keep yolk for dressing

Potato can be boiled in water under eggs or cut potato up
and steam for 15 -30 minutes, depends on type used.
Cool before mixing or cutting smaller.

For health reasons, use two or less of the yolks.
Mash yolks, add to mayo, and mix well.
Options- onions, hot sauce, celery, dill,
salt, pepper, mustard, or pickles, add to mayo.

Chill overnight for blended taste.


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