Tests show that Splenda is not as good as they would like people to believe.
It does not work well in baking unless some sugar is used, hence they have
Splenda Blend, a product with sugar.  Similar to Blend is Wal-Mart's Great Value with
alcohol sugars.   If you just want to reduce the sugar in baking, try less sugar and 
add some Splenda to taste.  Splenda does drop volume and absorbs moisture, plan
on that as well.
     Some recipes have added corn starch, powdered milk (some with sugar), and
other fillers.  I found none that gave volume, most changed the taste, but little
     Splenda does work well with cream cheese, peanut butter, whipped cream,
and other areas of high moisture.  It can be used with high butter cocoa to make
very good hot cocoa.  If looking for a good sugar free recipe, start with 
non sugar base, like cream puffs or puff pastry, and add fruits with cream cheese.
Peanut butter, pumpkin, pineapple, and sugar free applesauce are always good
sources of volume. 
     The ideas of making powdered sugar by using a blender or with
corn starch are also poor.  Blenders will take 2 cups of Splenda and reduce 
to half a cup or less.  Adding corn starch just makes it taste like starch.
Better to use some Splenda with whipped cream, egg whites, or cream cheese.

    Some recipes on this site use Splenda, worth testing, but only if you are looking for

a sugar free taste treat and not expecting the same as the sugar recipe.

            Volume may be aided by whipping egg whites to stiff peak and folding in to final mix.


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