Stevia - Sweet Leaf

Experts in diabetes management advise that if less than 10 grams of sugar replacers (polyols) is consumed, 
that serving is considered a "free food." Above 10 grams, subtract half of the grams of  sugar 
replacers (polyols) from the grams of total carbohydrate and then calculate the exchanges.
Steviva blend is 12 g / Tablespoon, or 4 g / teaspoon. 
(Alcohol Sugars 12g/T from corn, 6g/T for blood sugar inclusion)

Steviva Powder is 0g, 1/4 tsp equals 1 cup of Sugar

How do their calories compare with sugar? 
Sugar provides approximately 4.0 calories per gram. 
The FDA allows the use of the following caloric values:

3.0 calories per gram hydrogenated starch hydrolysates 
2.6 calories per gram sorbitol 
2.4 calories per gram xylitol 
2.1 calories per gram maltitol 
2.0 calories per gram isomalt 
2.0 calories per gram lactitol 
1.6 calories per gram mannitol 
0.2 calories per gram erythritol (used in Blend)

For cooking, use in puddings and items with mostly moisture, for baking it needs a volume base, 
the common replacements are cream cheese, peanut butter, and the most used, applesauce.