Office Computer Service Contract


     The Provider agrees to provide a service detailed to the Client as listed in this contract

for a period of one year for a prepayment of $1000.00 (one thousand dollars).

Service limited to Millinocket, ME area.

The provided services are limited to the following:

1.  Setup and optimize computers ( Max : 6 at one location ).  

     Computer must be PC, Pent 166 or faster and in working order.

2.  Install Explorer or Netscape, choice of Client and setup pre-existing ISP account. 

     Provide instruction on the use of the internet and electronic mail services.

3.  Provide basic use instruction of Windows and relationship to the internet.

4.  Provider will aid in troubleshooting of problems and offer upgrade suggestions.

5.  Questions and support are limited to the following-



     a. on site (Client requested)

 40 hours per contract

     b. off site (Provider requested)

 Unlimited , counts toward 40 hours

     c. phone calls (email Provider daytime)

 Only call when email not working

     d. e-mails


Services not provided:

1.  Sales or support of sales of computer equipment or parts.

2.  Any software other than classified as freeware. Operating systems are  not included in

     this contract and must be owned prior to requesting service.

3.  Questions about other people's computers, unless in the process of buying

4.  Making websites or homepages, no software training will be provided.

5.  Repairs of computer or ordering parts related to repairs, may help in installing parts.

6.  Training or support of any software other than Explorer, Netscape, or the windows

     section relating to the internet.  No support for graphic programs or scanners.   

     Scanners are limited to function of unit, no software or OCR aid will be provided.

7.  Internet Service Provider accounts and fees are not included.


This contract may be terminated by either side on a pro-rated basis during the first three

months, after no refunds will be made.  Contracts should be renewed at the end of the

contract year or within 30 days of the expiration date, contracts not renewed (terminated)

will not be restarted at a later date.

Provider: Clifford Birt 32 Middle St Millinocket, ME 04462 (after 5PM, 723-5979)


Client: Name _________________________ Date: ___________ Phone: ____________


 Address:  __________________________ E-Mail: ___________________________