Personal Computer Service Contract


         The Provider agrees to provide a service detailed to the Client as listed in this contract  

for a period of one year for a prepayment of $100.00 (one hundred dollars). Service limited to 

Millinocket to Medway, ME area.


The provided services are limited to the following:

1.  Optimize computer (Max: 2 per household ). Computer must be a working PC.

2.  Install Explorer, Chrome or Firefox, choice of Client, and setup pre-existing ISP account. 

3.  Provider will aid in troubleshooting of problems and offer upgrade suggestions.

4.  Remove spyware and virus as needed.

5.  Questions and support are limited 6 hours per year.

6.   E-Mail with at least 2 evenings and at least a day, no same day requests,

     I have to have time to get emails.


Services not provided:

1.  Sales or warrantee of computer equipment or parts.

2.  Operating systems have to be purchased and are not included in this contract.

3.  Questions about other people's computers, unless in the process of buying

4.  Making websites or homepages, no software training will be provided.

5.  Repairs limited to checking computer and does not include repair or parts.

6.  Internet Service Provider accounts and fees are not included.

7.  Install, connect or program GPS, TV/audio, vehicle, security, tablets, or devices other

     than desktop, laptop, printer, keyboard, mouse, monitor. Camera and scanners are

     function testing only.  Routers are limited to desktop/laptop and not tablets, tv, or

     other devices. New devices not included are Nook, Kindle, Fire, Ipad, cell phones,

8.  No support or training on specific sites or games, problems related to Facebook

     or on just some sites are not a service issue, so will not be included.

9.   Updated software service is limited to transfer old files to new format, if basic,

     should the new update not support the old format, recommendation to new

     replacement program will be the only service offered.

     (This is included because Microsoft is not supporting e-mail on the computer,

      they will require all outlook and live program to use, emails in

     the old program will not be availabe in future operating systems)


This contract may be terminated by either side on a pro-rated basis during the first three

months, after no refunds will be made.  Contracts should be renewed at the end of the

contract year or within 45 days of the expiration date, contracts not renewed (terminated)

will not be restarted at a later date.


Provider: Clifford Birt 32 Middle St Millinocket, ME 04462

(6pm to 9pm only and only when email fails, 723-5979)


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